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About Us

Brief Company History

Incorporated in Malaysia since year 2009, today we are one of the major tire pyrolysis manufacturers in Malaysia by expanding our business into 3 factories across Malaysia within 10 years of company history.

The company began its principal business of waste management in converting waste tire into a valuable pyrolysis derived fuel which has strong potential market segment in major combustion facilities for cement kilns, quarry plants, power plants, etc.

Over the years, we have established a strong background in research and business development together with our China expertise for the improvement of energy saving recovery. Besides waste tire pyrolysis production line, our company has expanded and diversified the business into oil resources renewable e.g. desludging work of vessels slop oil, waste lubricant collection and we also a trading company for waste engine oil & scrap tire.

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Green Rubber

Our Values, Vision & Mission

  • We exceed our customers’ expectations, first time & every time.
  • We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in everything we do.
  • We believe in teamwork in achieving our common objectives.
  • We have trust and respect for every individual.

Our aim to supply this green environmental energy saving product towards domestic and world wide market in pursuit of quality and value creation to meet our customers expectation.

The company mainly engaged with production towards higher grade of fuel through an oil purification system featuring with high evolution technology.

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What We Offer

Our Products

Currently recycled & pyrolysis fuel oil is one of the vital & alternative energy resources for industries in the market. This is because the cost of recycled fuel oil compare to conventional fuel oil is extremely low and without tolerate of fuel efficiency. Our Recycled & pyrolysis fuel oil are widely used in different industries including cement kilns, power plants, pulp/ paper boilers, asphalt production, etc for generating heat and energy in the manufacturing processes. We have different range of fuel oils that designed to meet customer’s requirements.

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Pyrolysis Oil /

Tire Oil

Tire Pyrolysis oil as substitute petroleum industrial fuel oil or marine fuel oil which cost 90% cheaper in saving your production cost in fuel cost with equivalent fuel calorific value . The calorific value of tyre pyrolysis oil is close to 10,000 kcal. It is used as a heating material for boilers in many industrial plants. For example, tyre pyrolysis oil can be used in steel works, large cement factory, brick factory, glass factory and so on.

Tire pyrolysis oil from waste tire pyrolysis plant has the advantages of high calorific value, low ash content, low viscosity, low carbon residue value, etc.

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Used Engine Oil /

Furnace Oil

We are the supplier of various choices of industrial fuel oil according to your needs primarily for boilers / furnace purposes.

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Scrap Rubber &

Scrap Tire

We are specialist in scrap tire material sourcing across worldwide. We specialise in scrap tyre disposal services, we can collect scraps tire and to re-manufacture them into bundle that directly benefit the environment. We make it our job to help people make better environmental decisions.

Green Rubber & Petroleum

Learn how we can work together as your green environment partner.

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